Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day Four

Day four of the fashion advent calendarness. Hot things every day.
It isn't that I'm feeling cold (I am, in case you were wondering) but I've gone for a cosy jumper today...

This Quill Queen Raglan Jumper is £90 from French Connection. This jumper is like my ultimate jumper. It looks vintage, in fact I own jumpers not dissimilar to this, it is nice and long - although it is hard to tell - it looks long enough to wear with leggings, plus it is nicely baggy. Oh and it has sequins, what more do you want?

Off to the sumpermarche in a bit then cleaning the house so that tomorrow we can put up the Xmas decs. Going to try and get in the festive mood if it kills me. Who else is putting up the tree this weekend?


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  1. I love a big baggy jumper in winter.

    I'm gonna try and get my tree up today, got a few cards already up. Getting You mag tomorrow with the paper as I'm gonna get on the cupcake make thanks to Nigella.



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