Friday, 3 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day Three

Hello lovely people! 
Today is day three of my fashion advent calendar, where I'll be showing you something stylish you can purchase before C. day.

Today it is aviator time! There have been so many aviator jackets around this season and shearling has trimmed just about everything, bar the tree, because that would be weird. But the below is a slightly different offering, a shearling trimmed waistcoat/gillet.

This 'Rosie' gillet is £35 from the lovely folk at, I've not shopped on Boohoo for a while but have had some really nice stuff from there in the past. the prices seem to have gone up a bit, but it is really easy to return stuff and there is a wide selection of clothes to choose from. I love the shape of this gillet, it would look great with jeans and, if possible, I'd be flicking the back of that big collar up!


  1. I'm always a bit reluctant to use Boohoo - I don't know why!- so it's nice to get a bit of reassurance. And frankly, anything that looks this warm has GOT to be good right?!


  2. Wow i realy love this one,
    Especially the low price :)
    you've got to get it in your wardrobe, definitly!


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