Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What I Wore: Frozen raspberries

Here is a little What I Wore for you, an outfit that makes me look a bit like a frozen raspberry.

Was snowed in yesterday but luckily my fella gave me a lift to work today so that was good. I still wrapped up warm though, because my office is renowned for its low temperatures!

Here are the deets...
♥ Primark rose jeans - I know you've seen them before, but they sort of match my hair now. Colour matching hair and outfits has become a bit of a habit with the new hair. Not sure this is a good thing. Mental note: branch out into wearing other colours beyond pink/purple.
♥ Raspberry Tee - Topshop, yep, that colour again.
♥ Stripe snood - my trusty friend, warm and stylish. From River Island, if my memory serves.
♥ Long cardi - this is a fail-safe from Zara, I like the fact it covers my ample behind. Simples.
♥ Military boots - because I didn't want to slip over on the ice and break an arm/leg/face.

I know I've been updating in a rather crazed matter of late (one or more posts a day), I bet you wonder what has hit you?! It is just my Fashion Advent Calendar has taken over the blog like an all-consuming monster. After Christmas eve it will calm down a bit, but there will still be frequent updates, but I'm think maybe three times a week, instead of seven+? Thoughts?

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