Monday, 20 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day 20

Day 20, and I've been snowed in all day :(
So something cheerful I think...

This very pretty printed dress has a sweet beaded collar (although it is hard to tell in this pic!) and is £59 from I really like the unusual print, which would look great with some plain tights, and a pair of flats, Parisian-chic style!

I've been stuck at home today thanks to Mr snow, my car is about as useful as a push-bike in these conditions. Luckily I've had access to my work emails, but beyond that it has been rather frustrating, especially as we have more snow scheduled...

Plus my boy is stranded with a flat tyre. Amazatron.

How is everyone else? Anyone snowed in like me, or have you managed to dig yourselves out of your houses?


  1. Love that dress, not something you would expect very to have although I managed to get a blue swing coat from there this year that looks exactly like one Betty in Mad Men has :)

  2. Wow - what an amazing dress! I adore the print and collar! Sally x

  3. Love it. That has to go on my christmas list!

    Connie x

  4. lovelovelove this dress! anything collared i heart, but this in particular is stunning:) sent your parcel today doll xxx

  5. Love that dress, so different. Think it'd look gorgeous on you. Especially with the funky hair.



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