Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beauty Buys: Nails & Lashes

Hello all you lot.

Yes, er, sorry about the delayed post - all this buying a house malarkey rather eats up your time. I fear there is more time to be eaten, yet to come :S

I thought I'd share with you some new beauty buys, with prices where I can remember them! I've been stocking up on nail art bits and pieces over the past couple of weeks as I've got back into decorating my (short and stubby) 'talons'.

Kiss nail art & John Lewis dress making pins

The Kiss nail art set I've bought before, not only are the flowers really cute on painted nails but the gems look great in lines on nails like studs, or even used on the out-side corners of eyes for nights out (I know this sounds lame, but actually I think it looks quite good - see here). The pack is about £3.50ish.

The John Lewis dress making pins are so I can try a method I read on Gem Fatale's Style Blog (the queen of thrifty tips!) where she showcased Cutepolish's video on household items you can use as nail dotting tools. These were a bargain at just £1. Ahh, good old 'value' range. Looking forward to having polka dot nails very soon.

Andrea Fulerton nail tattoos

I spotted these in Superdrug, and the skull designs in particular caught my eye. I've never used the range before (anyone else?) but there were a few designs to choose from. In the end I settled for a multitude of chains and those skulls. It was about £2 a set, but I think they'll last me a while.

Girls Aloud 'festival lashes'

A night out isn't a night out unless I'm wearing false lashes. Sadly I apply them badly so destroy them on removal. Needless to say my eyelash-bill is considerable.Or it would be if I had a social life. Anyway, I usually opt for Eylure lashes - just the normal evening wear ones - or the plain Girls Aloud ones, but these bejewelled (Nadine) and silver tipped (Nicola) versions are really pretty and seen as they were just £1 each in Home Bargains I thought, why the heck not!

I'm off to bed now, and after updating I'm sure I'll sleep much better. Plus I have a good book to curl up with. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. I'm the same with the lashes, always plan to keep them but end up ripping them off and they go in the bin.
    Can't wait to see some skull nails!
    Know you are a busy bunny at the moment with the house and everything but we will organise a coffee and hello soon! :~)


  2. Andrea Fulerton is the bomb, all her stuff is greeeat quality. im rushing out to get those skulls, love 'em. i didnt really like the Kiss nail stickers (the rhinestones are great) i didnt really give them a rave review (http://bit.ly/i7laFJ) did you notice there are only six of each design!? so if you want all the nails the same, you cant hahahaha. Home Bargains is great, £1?! awesome :D


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