Sunday, 1 May 2011

Just a Touch of Decoration

My excuses may be feeble - but at least they are true: I've spent the past  three weeks in house-buying turmoil. We were mean to move over Easter, then over the Royal Wedding/May day bank holiday weekend, then on Thursday, now? Who knows! - more of that in my next post.

In the meantime I believe I owe you some nail are some recent 'nail jobs'.

Mine (left) and my mum's nails (right), I love just sticking jewels on the ring finger for a bit of bling, it is so quick and easy to do too, I'm all about the easy.

My sisters nails looked really cute with flowers on the ring finger as an alternative to stones. This picture makes her hand look really diddy, so before anyone comments about me painting small children's nails, she is 22.

I used the usual technique for this leopard print, I think the practice is paying off because this is definitely one of my better attempts. I went for classic leopard colours for a change as well, which make the effect even more convincing!

I used my nail tattoos seen in my last post, plus tried out my new dotting tool, needless to say should have done another coat of colour before applying, and need more practice with the polka dots!

Finally, a photo not take in the best of conditions, but you can see the polka dots getting a bit better. Forgot to clean up the cuticle area on the thumb before taking the photo - oops! Chose some bright spring colours for an Easter egg look!

What designs have you guys been trying? Got any other tips for easy stylish nails?


  1. OOOOOH pretty nails. They're gorgeous. I'm (eagerly) awaiting the arrival of a WAH Nail pen, and had a god at polka dots with the Gem methods, but hands nowhere close to steady enough unfortunately. Good Luck on the house-y stuff.

  2. Great post :) I love seeing how people have painted their nails!

    I've just (last night) attempted my first leopard print nails.. They're not TOO bad actually..for a first attempt, I'm quite pleased! Definitely will get better the more times I do them, I'm sure..


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