Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What I Wore: A Spooky Week Ago


We went to a late party on Saturday, which was a bonfire-cum-late-Halloween affair - hence why, two weeks after Halloween I'm showing you a fancy dress outfit! As you can see, there isn't much fancy about it, because by the time I knew I was going to said party, Halloween had been and gone and the shops were all-out of party supplies.

So I had to freestyle. So 'modern vampire' was my look, I used made up and even some dark eyeshadow for contouring on my cheeks to create a 'vampy' look. Then I donned some fake lashes, purple and red lipstick and some fake blood - and ta-dar! I also back combed and slicked back my hair using wet-look gel, and I actually really like this effect and may re-create the hair for a night out.

What I wore:
M&S Thermal lace top - which I lurrrve at the moment. Obvs.
♥ A strange see-through dress, I bought this from TK Maxx about a year ago. This is the first time I've worn it, mainly because I've never been sure what to wear it with, and it only cost me a fiver.
♥ Fringed leggings. I got these in a Topshop sale over the summer for (again) a fiver. Random, but quite funky and good under long tops. Very long tops.
♥ Belt, Warehouse.
♥ Awesome spider ring - one of three of a set I bought from H&M last week - quite gothic, non?

James went to the party as Dexter, sadly no one watches Dexter apart from us, apparently, so he was just a guy in a green top, gloves and some blood on his face.

For actual Halloween I baked some spooky cupcakes for my colleagues at Nobull and for my neighbours...

I made them with sticky Mars bar bases, chocolate sponge, and vanilla icing, complete with handmade chocolate and sweet bugs! They went down a treat at work and looking at the pictures is making me mighty hungry now, so going to post this before I start licking the computer screen.

What did everyone else do for Halloween? Any good fancy dresses?

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  1. Um how amazing are those cakes!! Love it!
    And good work on the improvised outfit. I've got a friends 30th Friday and have made a rainbow brite outfit, can't wait to get my rainbow on.


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