Monday, 20 February 2012

Radio Gaga

On Friday I had a lot of fun appearing on the Nancy Stevens Lifestyle Show, on Secklow Sounds Community Radio Station in Milton Keynes. So I thought I'd share some photos and tell you a bit about it.

Secklow Sounds defines itself as, “A Community Station that will foster the participation of citizens, defend their interests and reflect their views; it will truly inform; it will help resolve the problems of daily life; it will allow all ideas to be debated in its programmes and ensure all opinions are respected; it will allow cultural diversity to be stimulated and celebrated; it will ensure everyones word is valued, without discrimination."

I actually met with Secklow Sounds' MD, Mike Johnson, before Christmas as I was hoping to get involved with the station. Unable to currently commit to doing my own show, I planned to approach Nancy to get involved with her show, but (thanks to superstar author, and mutual friend, Carole Matthews) Nancy beat me to it.

I first met Nancy about four or five years ago, through my work as a journalist, and hers as an image consultant. It was strange for her to be interviewing me for a change! Nancy's show is only an hour long and the time flew by as we chatted about freelancing, fashion, beauty, blogging & music- plus I got to choose three songs to play!

If you missed the show it is being repeated tomorrow (Tuesday 21st February) at 7pm and you can listen here as the station is online. Nancy has also invited me back to be featured on the show on a more regular basis - which I will certainly look forward to.

I spent the rest of the weekend, rather less glamorously, sorting out the house with my fella - some much needed spring cleaning. What have you been up to this weekend?

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