Friday, 3 February 2012

What I Wore: Maximising my Assests

Friday at last, it has been a long week here. I have spent most of it in my hometown, near Liverpool, as we've had some illness in my family. Needless to say I've been sat by hospital beds most of the week. Not much fun.

I realised I've not posted an outfit piece for a bit so thought I'd show you what I wore when I went to the cinema with my friend Lizzie the other day. If you follow me on Twitter you probably know I spend a lot of time at the cinema, I've got one of those membership-card-thingy-bobs that means I just pay about £14 a month and can see as many films as I like in that time. Works out well as my man is a bit of a film buff, so it keeps him happy too!

I've been wearing this maxi quite a lot lately because it is so comfy and I can layer it up to keep warm. Plus I keep getting told it makes my rather ample derriere look, erm-herm...'good'. Who am I to argue? Unsurprisingly though, I've not posted a photo of my behind...

What I wore:
♥ Stripey maxi dress, Primark. I bought this 18 months ago and love it for all the above reasons, and also it was super cheap and washes really well. Man, I sound old.
♥ Shearling jacket, River Island. I had to exchange a jumper my Gran bought me for Christmas because it didn't fit, I swapped it for this in the in the sales, I've worn it so much already but a bit scared of it getting dirty with it being so pale.
♥ Ankle boots, M&S. You can't see them very well but these are the ones I bought in the sales.
♥ Ri2k bag, worth more than I would ever spend on a bag. I won this in a competition a while back...thanks Superdrug :)
♥ Love ring - a present from my friend Steph a couple of years ago.
♥ Leaf knuckle duster /double finger ring, Miss Selfridge. I bought this in the January sales, last year!
♥ I'm also wearing some long gold coloured chain necklaces (no idea where they are from, possibly H&M) and an Urban Outfitter's 'A' necklace.

I had my hair done yesterday too (above picture is prior to hair cut), it looks pretty much the same, just no more roots, and tidied up a bit. Was tempted to get it cut short again, my sister has just gone for the chop and it looks amazing so I have short-hair-envy...but I'm sticking with the grow out, for now.

Don't forget you still have a couple of days to enter my competition to win some lush Barefoot skincare products!

Hope everyone has had a good week!


  1. Love it, and I am loving the hair (pre cut etc) it's getting long! Resist the urge I say, then once it's long go for the chop again if you feel like it.
    Love the stripy maxi, looks great, sure the behind does aswell. ;)
    Sending get well wishes to the family.

  2. Thats an amzing red wall behind you, oh yeh, nearly forgot..the outfit and hair is cool as well.

  3. This looks amazing on you. Your hair always look lovely too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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