Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What I Wore: Bambi & Manson

Bambi & Manson, do those words mean anything to you? You may have heard them mentioned in your favourite mag, you may have seen the names appear on Twitter, or you may have eyed their shorts adorning a celebrity booty...

The brand is the brain child of Polly O'Connell and boyfriend Jim Cubitt. I first met Polly about three years ago when she was launching her previous label, Unkle Baxta, which consisted of cute customised Tees. I interviewed her for Style Magazine, and was really impressed by her creative flair and business acumen. Although she wasn't very old, Polly looked like she was going to make a success of what ever she did, with the likes of presenter Steve Jones, and Lily Allen, sampling her wares.

I'd not heard much about the label or Polly for a while, then I saw Bambi & Manson - her new project. Specialising in heavily customised cropped denim shorts starting at around £40, these hot, hot pants have quickly achieved a bit of a cult following, with celebrities and mortals (!) alike clambering to get their hands on a pair. They've also been featured in a host of glossy mags...

And the name? Bambi is the cute side of the customisation, featuring florals, glitter and frills, Manson is the rockier side featuring studs, leather and crucifixes. They also do a few Tees, so you can have a complete Bambi & Manson outfit!

The shorts are gorgeous, but erm, very short. Great for all the slim leggy stunners out there, but I'm going to have to get my large behind to the gym if I ever want to rock a pair. Anyhow, they held a competition on their Twitter page to win a top from the range and I won. I was expecting one of the tops I'd seen on the website, but was very happy when I received this funky little number emblazoned with an 'A', thanks Polly & Jim!

I'm glad I can enjoy a bit of the Bambi & Manson fever, without having to tone up my ass!

Here is how I wore it...


On a night out, I wore:

♥ Bambi & Manson top!
♥ Deep purple dress, Topshop - I layered up this cute dress - it is very plain, but a good shape, so it can be worn lots of different ways.
♥ Leopard print tights, M&S- they have some great printed fashion tights at M&S at the moment.
♥ Peach polka dot wedges, Primark - but you know about those.
♥ Bangle, Accessorise.
♥ Short military necklace, vintage.
♥ Long strawberry necklace, Oasis.

Would you be brave enough to rock a pair of Bambi & Mansons? Or would you rather opt for a Tee, like me? What would you wear it with?


  1. Look at you! Gorgeous!
    Must say, cracking set of pins. :)
    And your hair looks gorgeous.
    Love those shorts, perfect festival wear.

  2. you have an amazing sense of style and you are gorgeous

  3. You look awesome! You know I love my Topshop dress like this, but also find it very plain! I always pop a jumper over the top.. BUT may have to start putting a tee over it.. Honestly, you look gorgeous!x


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