Friday, 9 March 2012

That 50s Feeling...

 Green polka dot heels, £4 (in sale), peach polka dot wedges, £16

Shoes... cute eh?

I'm really liking 50s inspired clothes at the minute, and while I was away near Bath the other week, we just happened upon a ye olde little shop which had lots of this sort of stuff. Ok it wasn't a ye olde shop, and it certainly wasn't little. It was Bristol's Primark, and it was the biggest and shiniest one I'd ever been in. As there is no decent Primark near me I had to make the most of it and pick up a couple of summery bits and pieces.

Top £6, pumps £3, and scarf £3

As well as two pairs of gorgeous polka dot shoes, I picked up this little tie-front top printed with 50's cars (Prada SS12 anyone?), some flat pumps because I hardly have any flat shoes, and this scarf, which has a really fun print on it too. Finally, I also picked up a necklace that has a little faux pair of leopard print glasses, complete with diamantes.

Specs necklace, £2.50

I know that Primark may not be everyones cup of tea, but I think, as far as cheap throw-away fashion pieces, they are still hard -if not, impossible- to beat. I always seem to find something I love, and as sad as it sounds, I'd love a proper Primark spree in that Bristol store! 

I feel like I have just confessed...

Anyone else still have big love for Primark? Have you found and good bargains there, or anywhere else recently?

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