Sunday, 28 October 2012

What I Wore: Death-by-Doll

Happy Halloween all!

I love me some Halloween fun - in fact, I love any occasion to pull on fancy dress! This year I scoured the internet for inspiration and considered so many different outfits. Previously I have done the vampire, witch, monster and zombie thing, so wanted to do something different. I have seen various ways of dressing like a living doll, manikin, puppet or ventriloquist's dummy, so I combined all my favourite effects to create this look.


  • Pinnafore dress,
  • Tights, I think these may be Jonathan Aston - not sure!
  • Polka dot top, Primark,
  • Trainers, TK Maxx
  • Headscarf, Claire's Accessories
  • Baby pink wig, Primark
...I actually already had all of this in my wardrobe!

  • The collar I made using some felt, buttons and ribbon, so it cost me about £2 in total.


I mixed some Revlon Photo-Ready foundation with an equal amount of Mac Strobe liquid highlighter to create an even base. I used my usual FashionistA kit on my brows, but just made them a little thicker and a little darker than normal. I used three Clinique eye shadows in a range of purple shades on my eyes and Bourjois Liner Pinceau liquid eye liner  To create the under-eye-effect to make my eyes seem bigger I used white Snazaroo face paints. I added top and bottom eyelashes, these are Girls Aloud festival lashes, and were £1 from Home Bargains!

For the blusher I used Bobbi Brown in Peony, and the freckles are Snazaroo face paints too. I used the same eye liner to create the puppet mouth and a Rimmel lip pencil for the lips. Finally I added the glitter heart tattoo - which is done using a kit from Skin Art (you can see my review on this HERE).

I was really pleased with the overall effect. This is a look I have done before with face paints but wanted to try it with make up instead for a more comfortable creepy doll look!

Sadly I only got to work my Halloween doll outfit for a couple of hours yesterday as I came down with a migraine  thankfully I photographed it before I got ill.

Oh and I got carving today as well...

Inspiration from Nightmare before Christmas, Mr Oogie Boogie himself as a pumpkin carving! 

Anyone else been pumpkin carving? Have you done anything for Halloween this year? What did you dress as?

P.S. This blog post is also an entry for the IFB Project #70: Halloween Costume Challenge...

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