Monday, 29 October 2012

Think (Bespectacled) Pink, for Charity

Gone are the days when I was ashamed to pop glasses on my face, now-a-days I've embraced my speccy side thanks to owning a few funky frames. My latest pair were sent to me courtesy of awesome online company Lensway (HERE are my other glasses from Lensway). You may notice this pair, from a brand called Love, sport very lovely pale pink arms, and with good reason...

Tonight I just wanted to let you know about the campaign that  Lensway are running until the end of October  - every time a customer buys a pair of pink glasses, including the ones featured above, Lensway will donate £25 to Against Breast Cancer. How awesome is that?!

Lots of companies offer products with donations to breast cancer charities in October, but sometimes the actual amount donated from 'charity products' isn't as much as you might think.When you bear in mind that these glasses retail at £69 (plus shipping), £25 is quite a hefty donation.

There are loads of glasses to choose from, 58 different styles I believe, and you can see the full collection of pink specs in the campaign HERE. Don't forget you only have until the Wednesday 31st October if you'd like to get some new glasses and help a good cause at the same time - so get shopping!

All Lensway glasses come in a hard red case, with a soft cloth and a handy screwdriver. Entering your prescription online is easy and if you are not happy with the product, returns seem to be straight forward (I have never had to return any). The three pairs of glasses I have had from Lensway have all been fab and I will definitely use them again.

Have you purchased any charity products this month? Are you tempted to get some pink Lensway glasses?

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