Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What I Wore: Grunge Glam

Do you ever put together an outfit consisting of  current favourites and without knowing it - it fits a certain look? That is what this day was like, favourite jeans, favourite shirt, favourite jacket and I ended up with a bit of a grunge but glam look. It was only when I was editing this post that I also realised all three of these main items are from River Island!

I am loving studs and spikes and they are just about everywhere at the minute. Sadly I don't have much moolah to spend at the mo, so when I spotted some spiked studs in River Island I though it would be the perfect opportunity to pimp my favourite shirt on the cheap - because who doesn't love a bit of customisation?!

The bonus is that I didn't have to worry about ruining one of my fave pieces in my wardrobe because these spikes are actually little stud brooches, so they can be removed, repositioned and reused to your hearts content - ace, eh?

I am also wearing (for the first time) my new black Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupes - which were £35 from Ebay and were bought with some of my birthday money (the only moolah I am currently working with!) I already have an American flag pair of these concealed platform beauties that I bought over the summer, they were so comfy - well comfy considering the height - that I knew I'd have to give into these. I just hope this style stays in fashion for a while because I don't normally treat myself to shoes!

My hair is getting pretty long now, I can't believe that a year ago my hair was so short - I can actually do lots of different things with it now, bit of a revelation. The down side is that I seriously need my hair colouring and a trim...

Right, I am off to unpack my winter clothes (I have been putting it off) and pack away all my summer ones, I need a mahoosive walk in wardrobe in my life. 

What are you wearing at the moment? Anyone else been studding and customising their shirts? You got your autumn/winter gear out yet?

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