Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Swimwear Shape: Athletic

Swimwear suggestions for 'athletic' shaped ladies.
You are athletic if: You are straight up and down, with a small bust and small hips. This is also sometimes a shape referred to as 'boyish' as you lack curves.

Be proud - you have the figure most women would kill for, and the same shape as most models so you can get away with lots of fun styles.
Create curves with frilly separates or with cut-out swimsuits.

Wear sporty styles, they will flatten the little curves you have.
Cover up, if you have washboard abs and narrow thighs - show them off!

1. Glamour Ruffle Underwire Bikini Top £13, Bottoms £13, American Eagle
2. ARGENTOVIVO One Shoulder Bikini £45,
3. Seafolly Spot Frill Mini Tube Bandeau Bikini £42, ASOS
4. Crochet One Piece £43, Topshop

And the set is complete! I think the only other main shape I haven't covered is the 'inverted triange' broad shoulders and big bust but small hips and slim legs. As this is the opposite shape to the 'pear' the rules can also be switched, go for structured plain tops in bikinis and frilly patterned bottoms to even our your proportions!

I hope this series has helped anyone struggling to find styles to suit thir body shape!

Fashion Bandit x♥x

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