Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Did Someone Say Tights?

If you haven’t read my last post, you might not know I am a Charnos Tights Tester!
My second package arrived and I had two new pairs of legwear to try out, Run Resist & Fishnet Hold-ups.

Charnos 10d Run Resist Tights (Size: Medium)

I usually only wear sheer tights in the early spring, up until then I wear them with socks (both under the knee and over) to keep me warm! Wearing lots of jewellery and dashing around my office I normally snag my tights, or I put a finger through them when pulling them up...but I found these tights really durable and I didn’t snag them once.
In fact I was tempted to deliberately rip them so I could test their run-resist credentials, but I liked them too much to destroy them! The only negative thing about these tights was the size, whereas in the opaques in the medium fitted me perfectly on my last testing mission, the Run Resists were too short in the leg and I ended up with sore toes from pulling them up all day. That said I would definitely buy a pair in the next size up.

Left: Run Resist with over-the-knee socks
Right: Fishnet Fashion Hold-ups

Charnos Fashion Hold-ups, Fishnet Feather Backseam (Size: Medium)
I always considered hold-ups weren’t wore by real people. Scratch that, I thought hold-ups and stockings were only really for the bedroom and that it was just a male fantasy that women actually wore them. I also haven’t worn fishnets since I was 17 and I went to a fancy dress party as Christina Aguilera. On the other hand on most night outs you will find me with backseam tights on, and they always get positive attention!
Hence, I was keen to try these cheeky little hold ups. Once I had untangled myself, made sure both the hold ups were even and got the backseams straight I was set to go. It turns out fishnets can be sexy, I got loads of positive comments at work and I think the backseam element added a certain amount of class to the fishnet. Saying that, although they fitted fine, I did find the hold ups uncomfortable, it is a bit like wearing an elastic band around the top of your thighs. This is not exclusive to one brand: a universal truth – hold ups = uncomfortable thigh-gripping feeling. I couldn’t wait to take them off when I got home, then again, nether could my boyfriend! ;)

Find out your leg type at: Lessons in Legs

Fashion Bandit x♥x

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