Monday, 1 March 2010

Swimwear, Shape: The Pear

As promised...some swimwear ideas for 'pear' shaped ladies, another shape tomorrow!

You are a pear if: Your bottom half is larger than your top half. You have a small bust but wide hips.

Be proud - you have the same shape as Beyonce! It is also the most common shape in the UK.
Even out your proportions with detailed bikini tops and plain, small bottoms.

Wear bikini bottoms with frills or side ties, these will only draw attention to your hips.
Wear tiny bikini tops, you need a little padding and enhancement!

1. Freya Swim, Eclipse Soft Triangle Bikini, Top £22, Rio Brief £13,
2. Azzaro Ruffle Trimmed Halter-Neck Swimsuit £245, Browns Fashion
3. Multi Spot Bikini, Padded Top £10, Hi-Leg Briefs £8, Next
4. Frilly Bandeau Bikini £33, Topshop

Tomorrow..the Apple!
Fashion Bandit x♥x

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