Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tasty nails!

A couple of new nail varnishes in edible colours!

The first is by Nails Inc and you can currently get it free when you buy two Diet Cokes from Boots. There are three or four colours to choose from but I went for this because it reminded me of a shade I keep seeing from Model's Own. And nudes are so big this season why not on your nails too? This colour is actually called London. I think the colour comes out like a mixture between melted milk chocolate with a hint of lavender. sounds a bit freaky but I kind of like it!

Lavender Chocolate

The Next one is from Boot's No.17 range. Avon do a great bright orange, that my friend got last year and since then I've been looking for a similar shade on the high street. This is a bit darker than the Avon one, but this colour Pop (Shade 265) is nice and vibrant. The colour is sort of a burnt concentrated orange juice colour.

Orange Juice

Is it just me that sees colours as edible things? Perhaps I'm just hungry, chocolate orange anyone?

Fashion Bandit x♥x

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