Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What I Wore: A Flower in Her Hair

Bonjourno lovelies!

Thought I'd share an outfit with you tonight, as it seemed to delight a few people at work today! I was off on a little shoot this morning, so perhaps heels weren't the best option, but I needed them today to lift my spirits. On my way to the shoot a girl walked past and told me she liked my T-shirt, then carried on. Didn't want to know where it was from, wasn't trying to sell me anything, just a lovely friendly compliment, (in the South of all places!) it made my day :)

Here is what I wore:
♥ Baggy white butterfly print T-shirt, Topshop
♥ Flowery printed skirt, Store 21
♥ Long grey cardi, River Island
♥ Long leaf pendant necklace, Outfit (not sure which brand, it was a present!)
♥ Over-the-knee socks, Primark
♥ Black ankle boots, Matalan
♥ Large pink flower corsage, Vintage

If you follow my Twitter you may of heard me chatting about getting my hair re-cut, and the Boy not liking it. So here is the close up, from the left side, of what it now looks like...

This time I had the sides & back clippered the shortest they've ever been (a number 4), and the undercut was left my natural colour. My roots were lightened and then my hair was toned to cool down the colour.
It has received mixed reviews, lots of likes and a couple of people saying it doesn't look as nice as last time (both blokes!). Perhaps this is because it isn't 'girly' or super feminine. Personally I quite like it, and it grows so quick I can change it again when I get bored. And it is a bit crazier ;)

Any other short-haired lovelies out there who have had fellas not like a super-short funky cut? I'd love to know what your boys think of your hair if you've changed it?

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. Great outfit :) I seriously want that cardigan. It would go with every single thing in my wardrobe. Pretty much anyway! I want it.. a lot!

    Your hair looks great - wish I could rock short hair, but I'm 99% certain I'd look ridiculous, so have never tried.. Love it on other people though.

  2. your hair is incredible!
    this outfit is lovely, i especially love the socks!
    i love how little compliments like that can make your day! xxxx

  3. I LOVE your hair, you can make it girly by adding the flower which you did. Looks great. Do you ever curl it on top? Think that'd look great.

    I wore my over knee socks yesterday, can't wait to get all my winter gear out.


  4. Thanks ladies! x

    Heartshaped bruise: The cardi was a real bargain, I got it in a sale and like you said, it goes with just about anything!

    Kel: Yes, actually the hairdresser curled it after it was cut to show me what it would look like. Sadly my hair is super thick and it looked ridiculous, bit like a poodle!! Still finding other fun ways to wear it though ;) x


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