Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fashion Advent Calendar: Day 11

Sup people!
It is day 11 of my fashion advent calendar and I've got a lovely jacket for you...

This 'owl fur' jacket (lets be honest, owls don't have fur, they have feathers, and it isn't really made of  anything that previously belonged to an owl), is from the Be Beau range at Matalan and is a bit of a steal at £40. I'm into hairy jackets at the minute. I love my 'fur' jacket, which is leopard print, and I might soon be inheriting a real fur one from my Gran, who said she's pulled it out of her wardrobe for me after hearing some of the mums in the playground -when picking my cousin up from school- talking about wearing vintage fur!

Took my parentals and sister to a Christmas market today, it was rubbish, and the craft fair was more like a jumble sale. A bad jumble sale. One lady was selling bags made out of the 'bum' jeans. Yeah, it was like 1996 all over again. Trying at another Christmas market tomorrow, wish us luck!

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  1. good luck for tomorrows christmas fair! hope its better than todays
    i picked up a faux fur jacket today for £3! and i got a leopard print "fur" jacket coming for xmas from the boy, eee cant wait! xxxx


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