Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Beauty Fix: Mini Straighteners

Hello y'all!

Today I've been trying these gorgeous mini straighteners...

Cute eh? And leopard print, even better. These straighteners have kindly been sent to me by beauty tools website The Beauty Works for testing. The Beauty Works sell everything from facial toning gadgets to heated eyelash curlers, and of course hair straighteners.

Having short hair my GHDs don't get as much use as they once did, the poor little things. However after one day of clean hair, on day two, running straighteners through can often tackle the wilds of my cropped style.

They heat up to an impressive 200 degrees C, and have ceramic plates. I can testify to their heat, I burnt my finger on them this morning! They certainly did the job of calming down the frizz for a quick fix, just use a squirt of protection spray on your barnet you should be good to go.

I really like these and I will be using them for when I'm travelling definitely. I've not tried curling my hair with them yet, if it works I'll get quite I tight curl because of the size, which would be really good - I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh, and did I mention they are only £9.99. That is surely a bargain in anyone's book.


  1. These are so funky!
    And with my love for leopard it's dangerous showing me these!! :)

    Hair is looking gorgeous. xx

  2. Now they are just too adorable - look at 'em!

    £9.99 is a right bargain, but I bet they just wouldn't even touch my wild mane of locks, so I suppose wouldn't be worth it :( I am a loyal ghd girl all the way.. but through necessity rather than anything else - have never found anything else that can tame my hair! They are seriously cute though :)


  3. £9.99?! Amazing...i'd end up buying them just for the print. And cos they're mini...everything's better in miniature!xxx


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