Sunday, 30 October 2011

Could it be Magic?

Morning campers! 

I've had another manic week, they seem to follow each other at the minute, but I am using the extra hour allowed by good-old daylight savings, to do some blogging. In particular, to share a beauty review.

I like to believe in magic creams. In my heart of hearts I know a cream won't make me slim, rid me of cellulite altogether, or make me look 16 again, but still the promise of some sort of miracle is nice isn't it? I'm sure many women feel the same, after all, we keep buying.

So when I was asked by Elemis to test their pro-collage body cream from the gorgeous new sp@home range, I, of course, said yes. This anti-aging cream body cream has the aim of smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. But are these magic promises?

Here is what Elemis says: "Designed with lattice technology to help restore surface cell cohesion, promote intercellular communication and reinforce skin's natural moisturisation factor...a unique complex of Mexican skin tree, silk protein and amino acids with marine extract padina pavonica."

So because I am a hopeless-romantic when it comes to products I have so far tested this cream for over seven days, with my fingers crossed (not some new fangled application technique just metaphorically). Thanks to close to four years writing for a magazine where I looked after the beauty content, I have tested a fair amount of these magic creams, and not many of these proved to be all that magic.  Thankfully, (drum roll) I've fallen in love with this one...
Aside from the slick packaging - something you can always rely on with Elemis - this cream has a luxurious feel. It is incredibly light and instantly hydrates skin, (instantly hydrates sounds a bit like marketing-speak, but I really can't think of a better way to describe it!).

As you can see from the above photo, this is not one of those gloopy heavy creams - it is genuinely light, luxurious and hydrating all the way! You might also be able to see that there are tiny reflective particles, which when applied leaves a lovely light shimmer. Nothing too sparkly or in your face.

This cream includes three exotic oils, babassu, castanha and bilberry seed - which claim to help skin recover from environmental damage. Now for the magic - I have been slathering this cream on my most problematic area of my skin, my thighs. And I have noticed a big difference. The condition of my skin has improved, it is noticeably smoother, all my lumps and bumps seem to have disappeared. I can't promise my thighs are firmer, but they certainly feel a bit taughter, and it definitely isn't from any exercise.

I don't know if this Elemis pro-collagen body cream is magic, but I get the feeling it is about as close as we are going to get!

You can find out more about the product here, it is priced at £49.

Have you tried Elemis's pro-collagen body cream? Did you get good results? Any other magic creams worth a try?

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