Monday, 24 October 2011

Put on a poncho

Evening all!

I've had a mega busy week, from shopping at Westfield Stratford (oh my God - amazing,  but got blisters) and parading around the streets in my underwear (if you follow me on Twitter you'll know why, if not I'll tell you some other day), to decorating, sofa and carpet buying - it has been a crazy one!
I promised to share a recent buy that was quite a bargain so here is is...

This Internacionale poncho was a mere £16.99, and I've been looking for one like it for the past couple of months. I love the Nordic-style print and know that I'll wear this a lot over the coming months. It has two small buttons under the arms  which give it a bit of shape and prevent the dreaded poncho-slip-off (I think I just made this up, poncho-slip-off isn't a genuine concern is it?) Anyhooo...I first decided I wanted a black and white printed poncho when I saw this beautiful press shot from House of Fraser:

Black & white print poncho, £80, House of Fraser

 Although I totally fell in love with the poncho in this shot, alas, I did not have £80 to spend so Internacionale came to my rescue! I will, however, be using the above image for styling inspiration. Now, where did I put my snood?...

Has anyone else bought a poncho for this winter? Have you found any bargains after getting inspiration from somewhere else? A great beauty product coming up later this week - you are going to love it!


  1. I'm intrigued as to why you were wandering the streets in your underwear..!?

    I thought ponchos were those things that went over your head..? Either way, I love yours! It's a gorgeous print & looks so snuggly & warm :)

  2. Love the pattern on this, ponchos have come a long way since Ugly Betty. :)

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