Friday, 30 December 2011

She Sparkles

I hope you've all had a cracking Christmas - I've spent the past week hidden away at my Mum & Dad's in Merseyside. Even though there is  a computer and access to the internet, being here seems so far removed from my normal life it really is like being on holiday. Not to mention the fact I get looked after a bit!

I've been mainly chilling out and catching up with friends this week, and am looking forward to going out tonight to celebrate new year. I planned to test some funky glitter tattoos I was sent to try, before Christmas, but sadly my party plans prior to the 25th were a bit lack-lustre. So on Boxing Day night I finally had chance to really test this product...

This is what the kit looks like - despite it's name, these aren't mere glitter transfers. The kit contains three pots of loose glitter, silver, black and gold, glue, a large (blusher-type) brush and a small soft brush, plus a range of stencils.

I'm always looking for unusual make up like this, (last Christmas I was sticking little crystals around my eye make up) so I was really interested to try these. My friend Christina agreed to be my guinea pig...ah-herm...I mean model, for the purposes of a test run, so here is my step-by-step guide...

1. Select a stencil and cut around. Make sure your make up is applied and carefully position your stencil wherever you like - we like on cheekbones or next to eyes, but on the back of a shoulder or inner wrist could also look good.
2. Apply the glue right up to the edge of the stencil, try not to get too much actually on the stencil as this will make it easier to re-use at a later date. This glue reminds me a bit of eyelash glue, only slightly less messy.
3. Choose your glitter and press it into the glue using the small brush. Pop as much glitter on a possible to get the best end result - as you can see from the above photos, we perhaps should have used a bit more on this application.
4. Brush off any excess glitter with the larger brush, if you were really carefully you could collect this left over glitter and pop it back in the pot.
5. Remove your stencil and...ta-dah! Cute glitter tattoo. This took all of three minutes to apply, very quick and easy.

I did a slightly larger glitter tattoo on myself and then we hit the town!

Even with lots of sweaty dancing into the early morning our new sparkly hearts stayed in place. Christina even kept her heart on until the next day - the pack says they can last up to five days, a theory I haven't tested yet. I'm not sure if it would stay that long on your face if you were wearing make up, but perhaps it would last if the tattoo was in a different location.

Regardless - the glitter tattoos have proved a real fact so much Christina and I will be wearing them again this evening for our NYE night out!

Hope those of you who have had time off over Christmas had fun, did you all get lots of nice presents? Who is out partying tonight?

I've got lots of lovely posts to come over the next few weeks; a round up post of Christmas presents, posts on sale bargains, more beauty reviews and a competition, so stay tuned!

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  1. They look really cute and fun Alex, I remember these were big at the festivals last year and I expect by this Summer everyone will be sporting a glitter tattoo!


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