Friday, 23 December 2011

A Christmas Wedding...and Two Outfits

My lovely friends got married a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to share, what I wore with you.

The couple, SW & JW were due to get married next year, but due to personal family reasons moved their wedding forward and managed to organise a truly wonderful 'big day' in just three weeks. SW just looked about the happiest, most radiant girl in the world, and JW looked like the real gent in his kilt! The wedding started off in a town hall, I'd never been to a wedding there before and was pleasantly surprised how pretty it was inside the building, which was built in 1853. The service was lovely and was followed by a wedding breakfast. Then in the evening there was another sit-down meal and a disco - all in all good times. I spent the entire day crying though. Never thought I'd be one to cry at weddings. Turns out I am. I'm just a bit messy blob of emotion.

Anyhow, this is a fashion blog so...
Because there were the day-time festivities, a few hours in between, then an evening do - I decided to do two outfits.

Outfit One: The Tux.

Ok, so not strictly a tux, but a nod to the tuxedo. A ladylike version, if you will. And I'll have you know that bow tie is the real deal. And I tied it myself. Skillz.
Here is what I wore:
♥ White shirt - Hawes and Curtis. This was a press gift, back in the days when I worked on the magazine, it is a beautiful fit and has a little stretch too which makes it quite comfortable to wear. Requires cuff links and ironing though, the latter which I don't really believe in.
♥ Bow tie - I've had this for years, I have no idea where I got it from, perhaps a department store. I do know it cost me a tenner.
♥ Braces, again, I've had these for about eight years. I have a feeling they might be from the old man's bit of BHS...
♥ Peplum skirt, this was from Select a couple of years ago. Not the classiest of shops, but I do find the odd bargain in there.
♥ Chandelier earrings, H&M, from about six years ago.
♥ Red skinny belt, M&S. I think this was about £15 earlier this year, and it has had considerable use as it can be worn as a waisted belt or on the hips.
♥ Tights are from the sexy 75th Anniversary collection from Charnos - they are called Brigitte, after the one and only Bardot, and have a Swarovski crystal backseam. During my work with Nobull Communications I've been working with Charnos and fallen in love with this range, these tights are my current fave though!
♥ Little kitten heel shoes are from H&M and only cost me about £20, and I've had loads of wear out of them.

For the evening part of the wedding I changed...

Outfit Two: The LBD

The whole idea was that my outfits tied together in colour and style. Also I wanted to change from the tux for the evening part, as a dress would be more comfortable for busting a move on the dance floor, much needed as both the bride and maid of honour are trained dancers.

What I Wore:
♥ Henry Holland at Debenhams, you may remember this dress from a wedding I went to earlier this year. The dress has made several appearances in 2011, probably because it always makes me feel good as the cut suits my pear-shape.
♥ Hair bow from H&M. A little bit Gaga - I bought this a couple of years ago, it has a hair clip and a safety pin on the underside so it can be worn as a brooch too.
♥ Shoes Carvela. 'nuff said.
♥ Earrings, tights and belt as above.

I also did little tux nails to match :)

It was a bloody marvellous wedding - and I know the couple will be very happy together - Congratulations to Mr & Mrs W!

I hope everyone is organised for Christmas, I still have lots of wrapping, packing, cleaning and baking to do...arghhhh. Shouldn't really be sat here blogging then, should I?


  1. You nails are fabulous :) Amazing!!
    Love your first outfit, a little Carrie Bradshaw I'd say.
    I always cry at weddings, I just can't stop my self now. They're just so beautiful and lovely <3

  2. Ahhh you look amazing!! And i absolutely loved both outfits!! :)

    Congrats to the bride and groom! :)



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