Saturday, 5 May 2012

Daisy Chain Pt2

I promised more pictures of the lovely Daisy Welch from a recent shoot I styled - so here are the other looks we played with...

Daisy really wanted to do one retro shot, as she loved the idea of looking a bit pin-up-esque. Luckily I'd just bought this top and shoes, so between us we had an appropriate outfit. Hard to see from this particular image, but we also curled her hair, which looked really cute with a headscarf. I would actually kill for those legs!

This was a stripped back look of just a white men's shirt over leather-look trousers and a black bra, plus a string of faux pearls. Just shows that you don't have to flash a lot of flesh to look smokin'. I love that laid back I-just-borrowed-my-boyfriend's-clothes look, and am known to wear men's clothes myself to achieve it, on occasion!


Our last shot was our 'sexy and socisticated' look, inspired by a particular shoot we'd found in a magazine, and I had just the right sort of skirt for it! The thing I loved about Daisy, as a model, she has a really adaptable look so could really carry off every style we threw at her, and she is only 17! Of course, much credit must also go to the fantastic Ian Jamieson, who also is so flexible and imaginative when it comes to his photography style, it makes it a lot of fun when we work together!

What do you think of the shots? Which is your favourite?

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