Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Punky Perfection

I've been away for a while as life has been a bit crazy, but I'm back with a post I've wanted to do for ages.

I don't know about you, but I love finding British brands that are doing their own thing - and Punky Pins certainly does that. I first came across Punky Pins's unique jewellery about four years ago when I was looking for a name necklace. The first piece I ever had from the range was my plastic mirrored gold 'Alex' necklace, which one of my very best friends bought me when I told her I had been lusting after it, and my collection has grown quite a bit since then!

The background:
The company started in 2005 after founder Claire Whaite was given a kid's badge machine for Christmas. She had so much fun getting creative she launched the business, she explained: "A little bit of hard work and designing/creating between myself and Dave, and we started the Punky Pins brand. We have gone from working in my bedroom to having a large office with an eight-strong workforce helping to fulfil orders."

Now Claire and her team design, manufacture, and distribute everything from their premises in Middlesbrough. She said: "There has been a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and stress, but I would not change it for the world. I love creating and designing, and I love all things colourful, kawaii, and fun! I strive to make it a fun brand, taking risks without taking things too seriously!"

The picture above shows just some of my Punky Pins pieces I've bought over the last couple of years, either as one-off purchases or in a mega mystery goody bag - where you pay a set amount and get surprise items, which I love. Some of my favourite pieces came from these goody bags including the silver lightning bolt, which I wear very frequently, and my rabbit silhouette ring - which is always a bit of a conversation starter. My absolute favourite piece has to be my solid silver diamond-cut name necklace, which my man bought me, and I wear most days. My latest piece is my Fashion Bandit name necklace (because I have enough 'Alex' ones!), which Claire kindly made to my specifications - and now has pride of place in my blog header!

If you like the look of these playful and colourful pieces make sure you check out the Punky Pins website, there are always new pieces being uploaded and the prices are amazing, with personalised name necklaces starting from as little as £10.

Make sure you check back here tomorrow as I'll be launching a fab competition where you can win some fun Punky Pins jewellery for yourself!

Have you bought from Punky Pins before? Which is your favourite piece from my collection?

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