Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Testing, testing

Continuing on my tights testing mission for Charnos, this week I've been road testing fishnets...

I don't often wear fishnets, because generally I find them a little uncomfortable. You've been there, toes poking through the 'net', cutting off circulation while you're trying to work a sexy strut in killer heels. But wait...these are different.

Proof I wore them, innit 
('scuse the styling of my hair, I realise it is a bit Beckham circa 1995)

Charnos fishnet control tights (Black Medium-Large)
Perfect for autumn - fishnets are the ideal transitional legwear to see you through the changeable British weather. These tights were fitted with both a 'control brief' and 'comfort sole', effectively tighter stitched sections. The 'control brief' is not only more comfortable than usual fishnets, but they also creates a smoother silhouette (and holds your ass in place!) The 'comfort sole' does what is says on the tin, it is more comfortable than a traditional fishnet and not a severed toe in sight.  Overall I really like this product, Charnos - you've convinced me fishnets are worth a go!

Buy Charnos here.
Check out your leg type here.

Are you a fishnets lover? What leg wear are you wearing at the minute - is anyone still shunning tights in hope of sunshine?

FashionBandit x♥x


  1. Wait a miniute!! Is your hair silver?!?!? My sister is the only other young lady I know that has done their hair silver and she live on in California. Your super cool.

  2. Haha - yes it is, although some days it looks blonde, some white and some silver, depends on the amount of purple shampoo I use and how long it has been since I've had it done :) xx


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