Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kitsch & Quirky

 As promised yesterday...

I've recently been making (or rather putting together) some funky jewellery from beads and pendants I've bought. I was planning on taking them to a craft-type fair but couldn't go in the end so I'm now selling them on EBay. So if you like my style and are into Kitsch & Quirky jewellery (also what I've named the lil' collection) I'm hoping you'll like these. They are fun, bold and very retro with a few pin-up girl pendants thrown in - I think they are quite unusual. I popped this little lot on EBay yesterday and they are for sale for five days. I've started the bids off cheap - so if you fancy any of the below please bid and you could get a spangly new bit of jewellery for a bargainous price! And I hate to say it but...we are in the lead up to Christmas and these would make great little presents for friends!

Just click on the link to be taken to the Ebay page for each item.

'Oh-la-la Pin Up' Girl Necklace
Fun and retro this cute pin up girl charm is a nod to a bygone era!
The starting bid on this necklace is just £3

Making a call on this phone might be tricky...leave a message.
The starting bid on this necklace is just £3.

'She's a Lady' Necklace
Sugar and spice and all things nice - with cute girly charms.
The starting bid on this necklace is just £1.50.

'Cinderella' Necklace
This fun and quirky plastic orange shoe is perfect for all heel lovers, and there is only one because that is all Prince Charming found!
The starting bid on this necklace is just £1.50. 

'The Junk Shop' Bracelet
Fun times - this bracelet is filled with an assortment of kitsch plactic charms including a tennis racket and a boater hat!
The starting bid on this braclet is just £2. 

'Room for Two' Pin Up Postcard Necklace
A retro pin up postcard-style charm!
The starting bid on this necklace is just £2.

'Cupid's Capers' Pin Up Postcard Necklace
Another pin up postcard-style charm - and she's not naked, but wearing pink underwear!
The starting bid on this necklace is just £2.

Happy bidding folks!


  1. Thank you so much !!!

    Maybe we can follow each other?*

  2. ohhh super cute jewellery, your very talented


  3. hey, you're right, for some reason it hadn't worked properly but hopefully i'm definitely following now! these are gorgeous by the way, keep up the good work. x

  4. Those necklaces are so cute! I love them

  5. Good luck with your jewelry! Very cute!

    I love UK bloggers... my husband is from Poole, Dorset, and I'm from New Jersey, where we live! Love your hair, btw!



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